Elevated Real Estate Photos Available

Now more than ever, is a great time for not just beautiful exterior photos, but even better is elevated  photos! I now am offering elevated photos that are up to 18 feet up!! This is especially handy on those homes on hills or ones with extensive landscaping and yards. The average person only shoots photos from face height and average height is about 5’8.  But with my elevated system, I can get 18 feet high! I tried a drone for a while but with current FAA regulations, local stance on usage being that it’s illegal, and an extensive procedure requiring a special exemption to get certified to use a drone, I quickly let that go. Many people don’t realize that it is illegal to use drone photos for real estate photography and charge for commercial usage. However, I found other ways to deal with getting up there and I am pretty excited to offer elevated exterior photos not only as part of a regular home shoot but also as a separate shoot only for a special rate, just contact me robingattiphotography@yahoo.com for that information.

 Here are just a few recent elevated exterior photos. More to come soon!

20160405-DSC0819120160405-DSC0818520160325-DSC07485 nologo20160328-DSC07645 nologo20160325-DSC07494



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