Statistics of using Professional Real Estate Photography

The statistics can’t be ignored

It’s Proven: Professional Photography Boosts Your Gross Commission Income

Real estate agents who use professional photography make double the average GCI compared to agents who don’t.

Virtuance partnered with REAL Trends to survey hundreds of top-producing real estate professionals across the country.   We wanted to see what the data showed about how the industry uses professional photography.

As buyers increasingly turn to online photography as the first step in the purchasing process, the standard for presenting a property to consumers is advancing at an alarming rate.

Those agents who used professional photography on a consistent basis made $8,683 in GCI per transaction on average.  The agents who did not use professional photography made less than half that amount, or $4,292 in GCI on average per transaction.   Consider how the difference multiplies with the impact of quality photography on an agent’s long-term income.

We are past the days when any picture will do.  Today’s sellers and buyers are surrounded by eye-catching imagery and expect their property selling or buying experience to match.  The good news for real estate professionals is that the potential for impactful photography is within reach.   Agencies and brokerages combined reported paying an average $160 for property photos.

The REAL Trends research also found there were five clear and compelling reasons why real estate agents and/or brokerages choose to invest in professional photography:

  1. You Have a Duty to Your Seller
  2. Drives Your Online Traffic
  3. Wins You More Listings
  4. Solidifies Your Brand Image
  5. Best Bet for Your Time and Money

*Source, Virtuance, 2015.


“Professional photos are an integral part of a successful realtor’s marketing portfolio,” said Darryl Glade, CEO of IMOTO photo. “In a fun and engaging format, our infographic presents powerful real estate photography statistics that will compel agents to improve their marketing content. The primary takeaway of the infographic is that using professional photography is no longer a question for realtors who want to grow and improve their business – it is simply the answer.”

*Source, IMOTO


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