Charming Gem in North Macon!

At the end of an awful storm yesterday, the skies cleared and the birds tweeted and this lovely little home got photographed in spite of it all. This cute little house is on 2520 Rockbridge Road in Macon. Listed by Denny Jones at Fickling & Company. Enjoy!

20150715-BN5A3181 20150715-BN5A3165 20150715-BN5A3141 20150714-BN5A3037 20150715-BN5A3074 20150715-BN5A3067 20150715-BN5A3065 20150714-BN5A3045 20150715-BN5A3105 20150715-BN5A3173 20150715-BN5A3109 20150715-BN5A3111 20150715-BN5A3151


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