Amazing Property in Milner, GA!

This week I had the pleasure of making the ride out to Milner, GA to photograph an amazing property on 168 Oakdale Drive. This property has two incredible homes with every amenity you could imagine and a beautiful pond between them with a beach area. Oakdale Drive is so very serene and while I was there I saw deer and rabbit and enjoyed wandering through the lush green yards. Below is just a little bit of the amazingness in this property. Contact Cherise Cartwright with Coldwell Banker in Macon for more information on these homes.

20150707-DJI_0005 20150707-BN5A2625 20150707-BN5A2653 20150707-BN5A2753 20150707-BN5A2659 20150707-BN5A2691 20150707-BN5A2700 20150707-BN5A2745 20150707-BN5A2725 20150707-BN5A2770 20150707-DJI_0014 20150707-BN5A2892 20150707-BN5A2595 20150707-BN5A2837 20150707-BN5A2822 20150707-BN5A2883 20150707-BN5A2863 20150707-BN5A2784 20150707-BN5A2794



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