Professional Real Estate Photography!

Living Room 20150410-BN5A9510
In this world of people using the internet from everything from shopping to finding friends to buying houses- professional photos are really going to make a difference in sales for Real Estate Agents and even those trying to sell their own homes. People are looking online for homes while they are on the go, with friends, with family, or even while talking with a Realtor.  Their first impression of any home will be what is seen online and it needs to be a good one to keep their attention for longer than one passing glance.  Not only is important to have a good photo, but  more important to have an entire set that shows the front, inside and rear and shows the flow throughout the home and make the person looking actually get a feel for the home. Sometimes those photos are seen and a buyer knows that is the home they want, but if an agent has poor quality photos or is attempting to use their cell phones to show the home, it is not going to keep a buyer’s attention nor assist with getting the home sold.

20150110-BN5A6720 20150110-BN5A6747

Using a professional is a huge advantage to your sellers and lets  them know immediately that you are going to do your best to show and advertise their home in the best way possible. Only a professional knows how to do it properly. Professional real estate photographers know how to use proper lighting gear, the right camera, the right angles, lenses and editing programs to make it all have the best and most beautiful end result that will be displayed.

20150410-BN5A9441 20150410-BN5A9513

This is my first post on this new blog but I have been doing Professional Real Estate Photography since 2007. My photos have helped with over 40 sales of homes and sales of over 18 million dollars. Just this year as of May 2015, 9 homes I’ve photographed in the past few months are currently under contract and 6 have sold. Agents that use my service are continually Top Production Leaders with their companies.  I enjoy very much working with Real Estate agents and Home Owners as well as Home Builders, Interior Designers, Renovators and Architects.

Thanks for visiting my blog!

Robin Gatti Newbern


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